Sunday, November 26, 2006

war, money, and richard nixon.


I do love Johnny Cash. Being that my father’s a huge fan, it’s the first music I can recall hearing. Cash is also something I like to do with my checks. Having it around tends to be more enjoyable than not. And, believe me, I’ve been on both sides of the coin.

I mention cash because I’d like to share a position of mine, and I’d love to hear some feedback on it. (Unless you disagree. I mean, you think I really want to hear that?)

Anyhow, here's a thing: why the hell isn’t there just one currency in the world?

In my mind, if we tossed all of the national currencies of the world and embraced one global currency, the earth's population might — MIGHT — engage in fewer wars. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

To put it into perspective, I gotta go back.

One theory on the war in Iraq — which I happen to agree with — is that it has much to do with Richard Nixon. Nixon was a well-documented asshole. Check the history books. It’s right there, in the pages between Sirhan Sirhan and Squeaky Fromme.

But while President Nixon was an asshole (mind you, given the current administration, he’s starting to look like Chester A. Arthur), he was also one smart bastard. ‘Cause in 1972, he made a deal with OPEC. In that deal, he somehow managed to get the oil guys to agree to use the U.S. dollar for all financial transactions, thereby keeping our greenbacks valuable.

A few years ago? Yeah, Iraq said they were going to use the Euro instead.

But I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence. No, really. I’m sure we’re there to give them the gift of freedom. Like Putin distributing polonium-210.

So — sorry, Bush supporters — the war is about cash. Don't look at me like that. The word "freedom" means about as much as the word "quality." So go back to Narnia and deal.

Okay. Back to my point. Does it not make sense that, if there were one shared currency, the new currency would become education, skill, and man-power? Would it not, in theory, decrease the desire to set up shop in other nations?

I’m just throwing it out there. I may be smoking crack and such an act may plunge us all into a global depression. So, by all means, tell me if you think I am.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... who would print the currency? That is a very sticky point, because today if a country has to pay back a debt all they have to do is print more money. That allows the country to never go bankrupt (even if it might screw over the people by making the currency worth less-- we might want to get ready for this if the deficit keeps rising and China wants us to pay up someday). In a one currency world that would no longer be an option. I can't imagine the US agreeing to such a thing, but who knows. They are starting to do it in Europe after all.

I'm with you on Iraq. The other stuff about WMD's is really looking like it was all fluff. If we could have 1) knocked off Sadam and 2) put in a friendly face to cut us a sweet deal on oil trade it would have meant a lot of money for us. Unfortunately they only got to step 1. I really hope future generations can learn from this and not screw up the same way again, but judging from our own history who knows.